Mercy Family Practice SC


Policy of Mercy Physicians and Staff

Mercy physicians and staff promise before God
and each other first to do no harm.

We will help the sick, suffering and those in need
with genuine care to the best of our ability and judgment
providing optimal comfort care until natural death.

We will neither give a deadly drug to anyone, consent,
refer for, suggest suicide or aid a patient
in taking their own or anther's life.

Similarly, we will not give or refer a woman
for an abortive remedy as birth control.

We will not support destroying one life to save another
recognizing that every human life is inherently valuable
while affirming and guarding these ethical principles.

These positions are grounded in our basic values
of respect for the sacredness of life,
compassionate care of dying, vulnerable persons,
and respect for the integrity of medical, nursing,
and allied health professions.

Our hopes are to fulfill this for all to enjoy life
as it was meant to be.

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